Работа системы AUDI parking

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  1. Just Youtube says:

    people are so retarded they can't even park their car now?????

  2. Izaak Ali says:

    But why? why not just do it your self.. how els will you learn

  3. Сергей Славянин says:

    но надо ли это?

  4. deez nughtz says:

    fake. theres clearly a ghost driving

  5. Szabó Péter says:

    Hello K.I.T.T.

  6. Fetii27 BABATTRO says:

    Hahahah and bmw saying that they did it first with the new 7er.

  7. Tucker says:

    this is useless …

  8. scott jones says:

    Yea Im pretty sure the Audi hit the wall. 1:21

  9. Fedorca Antonio says:

    it's a volvo tehnologhi

  10. snapdragon69 says:

    It must be set to Asian lady mode.

  11. Eduardo says:

    The car is retarded… a blind monkey could park this car better while steering with a chainsaw.

  12. VideogamEs says:

    this option is good for russians

  13. Nicole Skyes says:

    How can I get this for my A7 MMI ? Please Help :)

  14. Stanislav55 says:

    This option is designed for dumb blonde girls.

  15. Lawrence Valenti says:

    what if theres no spaceswhat if there to stop a criminal waiting in the garage to steal your car 

  16. Max Schneider says:

    Nice car you ruskie scum.Bought with drug money ?

  17. stkraftplay says:

    Машины для баб одним словом, настоящий мужик все сам должен уметь делать….

  18. Антон Сивань says:

    Лень -двигатель прогресса(

  19. Jay R says:

    If the car can park itself, you'd think it would come out of the spot so you can get in easier.

  20. tzeentch16 says:

    На такой скорости она тебя собьет? Она же как черепаха двигается!

  21. Вадим Хасанов says:

    In Russland die meisten kultivierten und ordentlich Treiber

  22. ThePugMonkey says:

    You have left a bit out Audi — What about opening the door for the poor human to get in…..

  23. David Mateo says:

    Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, but White countries for EVERYBODY!??
    That's genocide!

  24. Alice Beckett says:


  25. Narii- says:

    Audi, always a few years late..

    I wonder what would happen if it doesnt find a spot. Just drive around in the garage till it runs out of fuel? I dont see whats wrong with just parking the car yourself..

  26. CphCarCare says:

    I see no way how that would help for begginers to learn how to park cars… To save parking space yes that's a great concept. :)

  27. Aaron Jaggan says:

    soon the cars will drive us!

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