Работа системы AUDI parking

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27 комментариев к записи “Работа системы AUDI parking

  1. people are so retarded they can't even park their car now?????

  2. But why? why not just do it your self.. how els will you learn

  3. но надо ли это?

  4. fake. theres clearly a ghost driving

  5. Hello K.I.T.T.

  6. Hahahah and bmw saying that they did it first with the new 7er.

  7. this is useless …

  8. Yea Im pretty sure the Audi hit the wall. 1:21

  9. it's a volvo tehnologhi

  10. It must be set to Asian lady mode.

  11. The car is retarded… a blind monkey could park this car better while steering with a chainsaw.

  12. this option is good for russians

  13. How can I get this for my A7 MMI ? Please Help :)

  14. This option is designed for dumb blonde girls.

  15. what if theres no spaces
    what if there to stop a criminal waiting in the garage to steal your car 

  16. Nice car you ruskie scum.
    Bought with drug money ?

  17. Машины для баб одним словом, настоящий мужик все сам должен уметь делать….

  18. Лень -двигатель прогресса(

  19. If the car can park itself, you'd think it would come out of the spot so you can get in easier.

  20. На такой скорости она тебя собьет? Она же как черепаха двигается!

  21. In Russland die meisten kultivierten und ordentlich Treiber

  22. You have left a bit out Audi — What about opening the door for the poor human to get in…..

  23. Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, but White countries for EVERYBODY!??
    That's genocide!

  24. Amazing

  25. Audi, always a few years late..

    I wonder what would happen if it doesnt find a spot. Just drive around in the garage till it runs out of fuel? I dont see whats wrong with just parking the car yourself..

  26. I see no way how that would help for begginers to learn how to park cars… To save parking space yes that's a great concept. :)

  27. soon the cars will drive us!

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